Gligora Cheese & Deli – Webshop

Website | eCommerce Platform

We successfully created a platform that provides a simple, intuitive, and efficient shopping experience for Gligora‘s customers. The webshop reflects Gligora‘s commitment to preserving its long-standing tradition and diverse offerings while providing customers with a premium online delicatessen. Our team‘s efforts resulted in a beautifully designed interface with a CMS, enabling Gligora to reach a wider audience and enhance its online presence.

To create a modern and efficient online store, we collaborated with Gligora to develop a Laravel PHP backend and an AWS-based CMS and database architecture. We used the Vue.js and Nuxt.js framework to enhance the user interface and provide a seamless shopping experience. We integrated key functionalities such as login/registration, product information, search, and payment options through Monri to enable quick and easy purchases. We also designed a customizable dashboard that allows customers to access their purchase history, payments, and statistics, providing a more personalized experience.


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