Increase the users attention to 2:58 minutes

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Schulthess has been the pioneer for washing technology in Switzerland for over 175 years. ROSAROT was allowed to create the entire digital branding including a new claim. The agency didn’t only consolidate “Dreht vor Freude” (Translation: “Spinning for joy”) as a new brand promise, but also based the entire philosophy of the website on it. Further, the website has been completely restructured with over 900 subpages including a huge collection of information and services. Intelligent UX combined with always showing a direct path to customer service, constant storytelling and a consistent brand experience with over 40 animations, lead the user to their searched destination. Speaking of search, Google likes it all too. With efficient SEO strategies, ROSAROT was able to more than double the keywords in the top ten on Google and even increase the ranking keywords by 244%. The fact that the average time spent for organic traffic is an outstanding 2:58 minutes, shows that the user likes all this, too. Now let’s: Spin for joy!


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