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Excel Esports have been on a journey to build on its competitive success while growing and nurturing its British and international community. A key part of that was creating a digital platform that brings the world of esports to life, communicating their intent, to three specific niche gamer audiences: fans of a game, fans of a player and fans of a club.

Following a successful competitive pitch, we worked closely with the team at Excel to design and develop an interactive, integrated website. Achieving its objective, the site features light / dark modes, integrations with Discord, Slack and Twitch as well as offering live streams to those looking to watch their favourite player or team compete or create content. It’s now a digital ecosystem that connects the games, players and club, offering users the chance to find out more, buy merchandise and engage with content onsite.

Excel’s young community are the harshest critics and very honest too. But just some of the verbatim feedback included:

“Everything is user friendly, really easy to navigate and really slick look!”

“Oh my God.. this looks amazing. I love how… the… screw it… everything is amazing.”

“I love it… it’s such a cool design.”


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