Construction Financial Management Association: Website & Content Hub

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The purpose of this project was to redesign the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) website and provide CFMA with a robust Content Management System with which to manage the content and experience of their users. CFMA members and site visitors will find that on the new CFMA website, they have a more personalized and tailored experience with content being recommended to them based on their CFMA audience role (such as General Members, Associate Members, Exhibitors, etc.). Users will also have access to a robust global search that crawls across various CFMA tools and systems returning a myriad of valuable results.

The new CFMA website is home to a state-of-the-art Content Hub that connects users to a variety of informative and engaging content, such as, community discussions, articles, member profiles, and other content. The content in the Content Hub drives visitors to CFMA products, resources, and relevant pages. Members and visitors will find added value in their experience with the CFMA site.


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