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Bug Tussel is an internet service provider for small, rural communities in Wisconsin. The mission of the company, and of the website build in general, was to create accessibility for customers with previously limited access. Our goal was to create features and functionalities that serve potential customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.The layout of the Bug Tussel website creates a streamlined user-experience, putting the most important data right at the visitor’s fingertips. A clean, aesthetically appealing layout with high resolution images and integrated buttons provide an interactive experience that enables navigation without overwhelm. The website was built with intention, each page built to support the user journey and create added value to the site. The ‘Get Internet Now” page supports users by connecting them with a physical representative to provide relevant information on serviceability almost instantaneously. Representative profiles with contact information and forms allow communication to start with the click of the Submit button, and help humanize the interaction by putting a face to the representative’s name. Integrated maps within the page allow users to pinpoint the towers nearest to them to better understand their proximity to service. Drop-down submenus for the ‘Plan’ pages visually displays the two plans offered and, once on the pages, tiered pricing breakdowns provide flexibility for customers with varying budgets. Each feature and function in the website build was thoroughly designed to provide the maximum benefit for Bug Tussel Wireless, current customers, and potential rural internet customers.


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