Telling the audience a purposeful story

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Rowse Honey is a household brand with a rich narrative about its decade-long sustainability initiatives – Hives for Lives. However, its previous site was struggling to communicate this clearly and it wasn’t a destination that was encouraging users to visit, stay or engage, so Rowse wanted to address this with a fresh new website.

We immersed ourselves into the brand through stakeholder workshops to understand what they wanted to achieve, why they were looking to achieve it and what the different proof points were that we needed to communicate. Based on this, we designed and developed a new immersive digital destination for Rowse, to show the audience what the brand was doing instead of just telling them. We put the narrative at the heart of the site and aimed to take users on a journey through products, news and recipes as well as Rowse’s mission and its core program of initiatives.

Since the new site went live, there’s been an increase in traffic, an increase in session duration and an increase in click throughs. A true intent study has shown that over two thirds of users coming to the site for usage (i.e. product information or recipes) are coming into contact with purpose content (i.e. Hives for Lives, sustainability, beekeeping tips) and two thirds of those are actively engaging with purpose content too. Furthermore, page views of the purpose pages of the new site have increased by over 800%, with the news section increasing by over 500%.


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