About us

Web Excellence Awards endeavours to promote excellence on Web and set standards by honouring distinguished Websites, Web Marketing Projects, Videos, Mobile Sites/Apps, Social Media Campaigns created by digital and creative agencies, designers, creators, freelancers, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Web Excellence Awards aim to become one of the most prestigious web competitions to be accessible for everyone waiting for the right opportunity to promote their works.

Just by entering, you will be able to seize the opportunity to honor yourself and your team and earn a chance to take your place on the stage with your outstanding projects. By providing an equal chance of winning to all entrants regardless of company or agency size or project budget, Web Excellence Awards is just one click ahead for you to be honored as the best of the World Wide Web.

Web Excellence Awards is presented by the Web Academy of Digital Arts and Media (WEADAM) and welcomes entries globally from digital marketers, industry professionals, diverse multi-media companies, and graphic/ web designers.

Enter now and submit your work to be recognized as the best in the field.

Why Web Excellence Awards?

Web Excellence Awards, or shortly WE-Awards, was launched to help drive excellence on Web and set a high standard for creative, technical and professional projects and websites. A diverse group of industry leaders and academicians, Web Excellence Awards’ mission is to honor, recognize and acknowledge innovation and creativity by providing a benchmark standard of excellence for evaluating all media types and channels on the Web.

Our mission

  • To recognize and promote the creative ideas, business models and innovative technologies on the Web.
  • To set high standards for digital projects and encourage industry to seek excellence.
  • To provide a networking opportunity for agencies or freelancers for professional advancement.
  • To inform users and industry about the constantly changing nature of digital media.
  • To promote and acknowledge digital products across other technologies.

We believe that it is important to honor the real owners of the most creative and innovative websites on the Web. Building and designing a reward-winning website or a digital product is also an opportunity to promote your work and business.

Enter now to Web Excellence Awards with your website, product or whole project to get an international recognition and take your place among well-known industry leaders.