How to build a strong SEO strategy after a website redesign?

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During the website redesign of Silk in Canada in 2020, we needed a strong SEO strategy to increase organic traffic. We conducted a keyword study to identify key opportunities, selected relevant keywords for each page and made sure every technical factor was respected after the launch. Then, monthly actions including on-site product and category pages creations, off-site backlinks acquisition and technical actions increased our organic positions and visibility across Canada.

Silk‘s website was redesigned in June 2020 in Canada. We have been working on an SEO strategy upstream of this redesign and since the launch that allows a strong growth of organic visibility and a growing traffic thanks to new positions on very relevant keywords.

Here are the details of the strategy implemented since 2020:

  • Keyword study in Canada with Google Keyword Planner to identify opportunities and search terms in growth
  • Identification of the target keyword for each page of the website
  • Writing of structures, Hn titles, meta titles, meta description and Alt tags for each page including the target keyword and the associated lexical field
  • Before going live: setting up all redirects from the old site and identification of priority URLs
  • After the launch: checklist of 20 SEO elements to ensure a solid redesign

Following the launch, we implemented a recurring SEO strategy applied every month since January 2021:

  • Continuous creation and optimization of category and product page content (on-site)
  • Continuous external links acquisition (off-site)
  • Ongoing SEO technical optimizations and recommendations aligned with regular algorithm updates (Core Web Vitals, etc) (technical factors)

On top of our off-site SEO strategy including monthly link acquisition, we conducted an outreach strategy to publish premium content on very strategic local and relevant websites to increase the digital visibility of the website outside SEO. On this “Maman Pour la Vie” article, C’est le début d’un temps plus Silk!, we included several links on relevant keywords chosen by our SEO expert (boisson d’avoine, boisson végétale, yogourt végétal). This article strengthened the positioning of Silk’s website on relevant keywords selected in our SEO strategy.

KPIs obtained since the redesign :

The new website was live on June 1st 2020

KPIs obtained since the beginning of the SEO support on January 1st 2021 :

Keyword positioning (January 1st 2021 VS July 31st 2022):

  • Total Keywords positioned : 775 VS 5 041 (+550%)
  • Keywords in top 10 : 224 VS 765 (+241%)
  • Keywords in top 3 : 87 VS 449 (+416%)
  • Non-Branded keywords positioned : 568 VS 4 715 (+730%)

Examples of non-branded keywords on wich Silk has the 1st position :

  • lait de soya (880 / month) : 1st position (+99 positions VS January 1st)
  • oat beverage (210 / month) : 1st position (+31 positions VS January 1st)
  • almond creamer (210 / month) : 1st position (+10 positions VS January 1st)
  • vegan whipped cream canada (210 / month) : 1st position (+99 positions VS January 1st)
  • almond coconut milk (140 / month) : 1st position (+2 positions VS January 1st)

Key positions August 2022 :

  • Featured Snippets : 3
  • PAA : 14
  • Sitelinks : 47

Organic Traffic :

  • January 2022 VS January 2021 : 17,314 VS 5,724 (+202.48%)
  • July 2022 VS July 2021 : 11,295 VS 8,866 (+27.40%)

Behavior KPIs :July 2022 VS January 2021:

  • Bounce Rate : 47.64% VS 57.81% (-17.59%)


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