NOZL by DianApps

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Easier, faster, and hassle-free is what NOZL had in mind while building an application with cut-through technology. Automating the process and solving the issue of expensive fuel procurement was the main idea of NOZL. The application assists pilots with direct FBO pricing, reserving the best rates, and procuring fuel from anywhere with just a few clicks on their smartphone/tablet. The significant advantages include.

– Reduction of expensive external fuel shopping tools while directly connecting to the FBO,

– Cutting transaction time drastically.

Carefully with an agile approach, the application offers users a richer customer experience while saving their money and time.

NOZL‘s commitment towards serving its users made it a groundbreaking revolution and making it the aviation industry’s first and the most preferred direct fuel platform. Now requesting fuel, rating FBO’s, maintaining track records, real-time chat, intuitive search engine, and other fuel planning processes are made easy with NOZL. The advantages aren’t just restricted for Pilots but extend to FBO’s too. NOZL offers a vivid web platform to FBOs to register themselves and reap dynamic user attention. FBOs can feed their information, fuel type availability, available pricing, discount options, etc. Moreover, they can attract users with operator specifics discounts that are a USP for great business opportunities.

Speaking of Funding, NOZL‘s breakthrough idea has been recognized, and it has been able to draw 300K US Dollar funding in its first phase.


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