Morphine Imaginary GiG Poster

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I created this imaginary gig poster of Morphine for @dreamgigsillustrated & @aposto news collaboration. Tried to do something new to my style, like old photo aesthetics and some solid shadows. The main inspiration came from the magnum photographers’ old new york photos.

When Morphine first got me under its influence, I think I was 19. I remember catching ‘The Otherside’ among a series of unknown songs and curiously listening to it over and over. At that time, I wasn’t interested in bands that didn’t have a guitar in them so it was unexpected of me to be obsessed with them this much.

Thanks to Mark Sandman’s two string, custom slide bass and Dana Colley’s characteristic saxophone, I was addicted to them in no time. My dreams of seeing them live ended when I learned that Mark had passed away in 1999. I had never revisited that dream until this poster.

I didn’t have to think much about the venue. The only place where I could imagine myself tipsy, with a beer in my hand, at the mercy of live music was Karga. I couldn’t have imagined them in another venue anyway. I couldn’t share them with big crowds or a disrespectful audience, could I?


> Morphine Imaginary GiG Poster


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