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This website is to represent our creative agency as part of an important rebrand effort. It is an affirmation of our ethos of constantly pushing our comfort zone, getting better, providing our clients with even better results, and taking a stand against design being treated as a commodity.

The idea for the website’s design was born 60 miles offshore while swimming in really deep water off the coast of Mazatlan, Mexico. It not only considers the usual UX/UI elements, but our website has always represented an opportunity to take risks we would not typically take for our clients.

We invite you to read the article on how Etude was born 60 miles offshore because life is too good for boring. It digs into the rationale of the colour and layout of the website.

We also ask you kindly to push your monitor brightness all the way up.

Our blog also has two interesting features. We have the classic knowledge pieces where we share our thoughts. It also has the structure for us to showcase a conversation between us and with special guests on topics of interest.