Buff – the ideal gamer’s reward platform

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Buff is a gamer’s reward program where users can earn real-time items just by playing games they love. With its own coin-economy, reward system and marketplace, as well as top-notch security approach, Buff has become a real market player that is popular among millions of users worldwide.

Users can run Buff in the background while playing their favorite games, among which are CSGO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch & lots of others. While gamings, users earn Buffs which they can later redeem for real-life items – gift cards, gaming gear, Steam keys and many more.

Today, Buff has over 7 000 000 app installs with 450 000 daily users. It has become Israel’s first publicly traded gaming company and recently partnered with Overwolf, the world’s best in-game creation platform, which has its strict but fairly high security and authenticity standards.

The tech & design part of Buff desktop app has been handled by its long-term partner – Fulcrum Rocks, a design & development company from Ukraine. Fulcrum team has been covering the app’s tech processes & development, as well as worked on its UI/UX.


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