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Boostability has dramatically updated our branding and unveiled a beautiful new website to start off 2021 showing our character as a modern tech company, powered by our people. This website was built with our global presence in mind. We serve thousands of customers and partners worldwide, and now we have a website to show it off. The branding features vibrant updates of the branding with colors, fonts, imagery, and photography. And Boostability designed everything in-house. We created the branding, the web page design, photography, content, brand voice, and UI/UX entirely in-house. We also wanted to show off our unique identity. We built our origin story in 8-bit format and even spoofed Star Wars. It’s visually gorgeous, with a fun, hip, and upbeat content voice more true to who we are as a company. The website was also built with a COVID mindset. When we were forced to be far apart from friends and colleagues, we sought to bring that real-life experience with big, bold, beautiful photographs of our actual employees. The website and new Boostability brand now accurately shows off our identity. It shows off our diverse company, our culture, and our people who actually make the company run. While every website is built with the user in mind, Boostability took a different approach. The new website is organized into six distinct portals:

  • SEO Portal
  • Partner Portal
  • Global Portal
  • Resources Portal
  • Careers Portal
  • About Portal

There’s a dual navigation built-in. The top navigation is in black and the chosen portal navigation will appear in white. As you scroll into a portal the white navigation will become your main navigation. It’s based on the marketing strategy Account-Based Marketing (ABM). The strategy gets users into particular funnels/customer experience flows where the messaging and click options are personalized to achieve the job users want to do while eliminating as many distractions as possible. So if you want to know about the Partner Program, you can easily find and navigate to the relevant partner pages. Or if you want a job, you can peruse the Careers Portal.



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