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Aurora Expeditions were looking to an agency to lead a digital transformation project, taking their existing catalogue-style website and evolving it to be a live booking portal – showcasing live pricing & availability via custom Salesforce & Kaptio integration.

We ran extensive full-day workshops with the Aurora Expeditions team, looking to uncover existing pain points and profile each priority user persona. Once the personas were uncovered, we designed custom journeys for each to ensure seamless delivery of voyages to meet their needs. This included a custom booking flow, which visualised cabins & berths and key areas of the booking journey. It culminated in the launch of an enhanced UI design for three markets (Australia, United States, and United Kingdom) and the website transformed to be a central booking/reservation portal – and no longer a catalogue – for the business.

The results speak for themselves – a 61% increase in bookings, 8.38% increase in new users and a 3% reduction in bounce rate.



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